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The Chios Mastic Museum is located in the Mastichochoria, a group of medieval villages in the Southern Chios, the only site in the Mediterranean where the skinos plant of the variation Pistacia lentiscus Chia is cultivated, from which gum mastic is produced.

chios windmills

Tabakika wind mills 


The wind mills of Chios are located in the area of Tambakika in a small bay on the north of the island, 1.5 km from the center. At the end of the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century in Chios small workshops began to be observed. In these workshops the most important  product that was processed was the leather.

Volissos village

Castle of Volissos



The traditional village of Volissos is built on the side of a tall and steep hill, at the top of which stands a medieval castle, its construction dates back to the 11th century during a period of general reorganisation of the island. In the mid-15th century the Castle was restored by the Genoese.